Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and providing a superb web site. There is an area, however, that I found extremely little information and education on and perhaps you can provide enlightenment for those in need. It’s in regards to children and hypoglycemia. My ten-year-old daughter is intelligent, bouncy and happy most of the time. But over a period of several months, she began to experience significant mood swings, excessive grumpiness, lack of concentration, headaches, etc. Her teacher, my adult friends, and my family related her behavior to “a phase,” a lack of sleep, or to the onset of puberty. I finally understood she had hypoglycemia while we were on vacation. One episode in particular was a telltale sign. She was having a major emotional breakdown, which was completely out of character and unsolicited, but within ten minutes of BEGINNING to eat, she turned into a person. Suddenly, the light bulb went off in my head! I am so grateful that I did not simply brush off her complaints and symptoms as just life stress or her maturing process.

“I can’t believe my three-year old was just diagnosed as having hypoglycemia. I can’t stop blaming myself.”


I’m the mother of a 5 year old, recently diagnosed with ADHD and Hypoglycemia. Past few years we thought she was hyper and going through a phase but the past six months she got worse and we knew it had to be something more. I bought your book, and I’m learning a lot. Can you help me out with the diet I should put her on without buying something organic and going over my food budget? I don’t know where to start and really what kind of drinks she can have. Do you have any suggestions…? I need help. Thank you

I am a 15 year old and I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia about a year ago. I can’t find any way to control what happens. I have passed out in the school parking lot and in class. I have been in the hospital for it and no one really knows what causes it.

My 5 year old daughter has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, can you recommend any information especially for children? I am at a complete loss!! If she eats sugar is that why she gets silly and runs around!?? HELP! Thanks.

My 12 year old has suffered from obesity and depression for years. Even now she’s on Zoloft. Last week, I took her to Phoenix Children’s hospital where the endocrinologist, is working with obese children. She gave me a glucose monitor and we started keeping track of her sugar. In the mornings her sugars at 95-110, but by 3pm( she eats lunch at school at 11:00am), her sugar dropped to 50. her father has had hypoglycemia and has refused to take care of himself. I wont let this happen to my daughter now that I have found your website, I know I will have a continual support. I have hope that my daughter will be able to get off meds for depression and will be treated with a sensible diet. Thank you for your hard work.

I’m 16 years old from England and would love to get a copy of your book. I went into a hypoglycemic coma 2 years ago for 5 days and my mother was told I was not going to make it but I did. I never knew I was hypoglycemic until I went into the coma. The doctors treating me for this haven’t really explained much to me about my condition. They seem to think its linked to the chemotherapy treatment I had when I was 12 for leukemia and that my body is lacking in hormone due to the chemo. I would really appreciate if you could let me know what you think and if your book is available for purchase in England. Thank you.

This site has helped me so much. You see, my mom is a hypoglycemic and I have some of her symptoms. Though I have never been tested, I took the quiz and I’m in the higher range. So I’m going to tell my mom about this site and go get tested. Thanks so much. You’ve helped me overcome years of problems!

I have a 21 month old boy who gets very shaky (sometimes really shaky) if it has been a few hours since he has eaten. I mentioned it to his doctor and he ordered a 4 hour glucose test. We did that and I was told he has hypoglycemia and after 4 hours his blood sugar was 37. This is one of the first web pages I have visited and I hope that you could give me some information or tell me where to look for information. Thank you.

My daughter, who is 14, was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Until the diagnosis, we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. All of a sudden she went from a beautiful young lady, straight “A” student to a daughter contemplating suicide. We are attempting to become educated as to this disease, but as we sit and wait for an opening for a visit with an endocrinologist (sp) I am hoping you may help lead us in the right direction. More importantly the diet. We have been to a nutritionalist but that doesn’t seem to help. Any help you may provide would be truly welcomed. Thank you.