Roberta Ruggiero – Founder and President

Roberta Ruggiero President/Founder

Roberta Ruggiero

Ms. Ruggiero is founder and president of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Inc., and author of The Do’s and Don’ts of Hypoglycemia: An Everyday Guide to Low Blood Sugar, which was acclaimed by the American Library Association as “one of best lay medical books in public libraries.” Having overcome ten years of illness–during which she saw dozens of doctors, endured countless medical tests, took thousands of pills and even underwent electric shock therapy–she understands the plight of the hypoglycemic firsthand. In her book, she shares with you her own personal experience and the knowledge she’s gained about this baffling disorder.

In 1980, Ms. Ruggiero established The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Inc., to inform, support and encourage hypoglycemics and the public about this too often misunderstood and misdiagnosed disease. This organization has enabled her to show how poor nutritional habits and severe nutritional deficiencies affect one’s emotional and physical health.

A frequent guest on radio and television and a well-known speaker, Roberta has also brought her message to the international, corporate, medical and educational communities. Presently, she is focusing on Children with Hypoglycemia by launching , the first-ever website devoted just to this cause, while simultaneously designing a program for schools on the food/mood connection. Ms. Ruggiero is also dedicated to educating the public on the correlation between hypoglycemia and alcoholism. Perhaps a website addressing that topic is in the stars! Whatever road she takes in the future, you can be assured that Roberta will stay on top of the latest developments in hypoglycemia research and treatment and will continue to connect the dots for you… her HSF audience!

Wolfram Alderson

Wolfram Alderson – CEO

Alderson brings nearly four decades of serving in leadership roles involving design, development, and administration of innovative programs created to improve human and environmental health. To this end he employs a diverse range of strategies and tactics. Combining these with his exceptional management skills, Alderson will lead the HSF in fulfilling its mission of bringing critical information about hypoglycemia, and metabolic disease in general, to adults and children, and the public and health care industry at large.

In 2013, Alderson and Dr. Robert Lustig, a globally renown neuroendocrinologist and Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF, founded the Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN), and Alderson served as its Executive Director and COO until March 2017, when it merged with the United States Healthful Food Council. Alderson continues as Global Education Director for Dr. Robert Lustig. Alderson and Lustig share a mutual interest in preventing and reversing metabolic disease, which includes hypoglycemia, versus simply (or not so simply) treating it. Dr. Lustig has also joined the HSF family as an expert Advisor. As a nationally recognized leader and networker in the field of metabolic health and nutrition, Alderson brings considerable assets and connections to the HSF.

The broad focus of Alderson’s lifetime of work has been improving human and environmental health – often by developing programs and organizations that accomplish both. His career began as a teenager when he founded the first Certified Farmers’ Market in California (the Gardena Farmers’ Market started in 1979 and is still going today).

Complementing his work improving the human condition is Alderson’s artwork. He has been a working artist since 1986. Primarily self-taught, Alderson has served as curator and lead artist in several public exhibitions, and developed two major art therapy and rehabilitation programs, one for Cuban refugees and the other for severely abused children. Alderson’s art has always built on the foundation of community, culture, and love – intersecting in powerful ways with the people he has served. His current work may be viewed at

Rounding out Alderson’s career as a social change agent is his devotion to his wife, two cats and the San Francisco community where he resides. His complete resume is online at His complete resume is online at .

Tiffany Panciera – Vice President, Marketing & Development for HSF

Panciera, the HSF’s Vice President, brings her unrelenting drive, fierce dedication, and commitment to make things happen for the HSF. Her infinite passion as an author, lecturer, and facilitator to empower women, makes her a perfect fit for the organization.

She currently serves as the Director of Family Services and Community Relations at the Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care. She is also a tireless supporter for Memorial Regional Hospital and Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital where she established a personal memorial foundation and raised $200K to support the expansion of the Cancer Center.

As an industry leader, Panciera specializes in educating the families in our communities about the importance of advance planning, spending countless hours bringing support and awareness to a subject that is so vitally important but too often ignored, and facilitates the firm’s “Wings of Hope” bereavement program assisting families on their journey of grief. She is also the author of Aging is a Privilege, Be Part of It.

A past honoree at the HSF’s 2014 Fundraising Gala, Panciera has also been honored by the March of Dimes with their “Women of Distinction” award and is a member of the “Starfish Circle” for Women in Distress. Also, active in the Urban League and Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, she is a tireless leader and mentor.

Phyllis Schiffer-Simon EdD  –  Vice President, Educational Programs & Outreach

Phyllis Schiffer-Simon EdD  –  Vice President, Educational Programs & Outreach

Phyllis Schiffer-Simon, EdD, started working with the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation more than 38 years ago when she met founder Roberta Ruggiero and was impressed with the mission and vision of the organization. Having been diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a young adult, Schiffer-Simon was in search of answers and a better understanding of how to manage her own hypoglycemia. The organization can be credited with helping many people all over the world who were in search of answers and support. For that reason, Schiffer-Simon has dedicated her time to the HSF and is proud of what the organization has accomplished.

Schiffer-Simon, whose doctorate is in Educational Leadership, has an extensive background in education and communications and is the past General Manager/Director of BECON TV, the educational television station licensed to the School Board of Broward County, Florida. In this capacity, she created a vision for educational and instructional television, radio broadcasting, and distance learning in which a multitude of technologies converge to enhance communications for the school system, community, and beyond. One of Schiffer-Simon’s most notable accomplishments was spearheading the purchase of a regular broadcast channel providing South Florida access to high-quality instructional, educational, and community-based programming not available on any other station. BECON has accomplished numerous achievements under her direction, including winning several Emmy Awards in the past few years. BECON’s original programming is being recognized for its unique educational and animated format. It is what Schiffer-Simon refers to as “edutainment” – a perfect mix of education and fun.

Renee Jaszcz’s – Secretary

Renee Jaszcz’s – Secretary

Renee Jaszcz has taken the phrase “like mother, like daughter” to heart. She has served as Vice President of the HSF for the past six years and has given her unconditional support and dedication as Chair of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation’s first fundraising gala in 2011.

Renee knows all too well the serious effects of hypoglycemia, having lived through her mother’s illness. At age 20, while attending college at the University of Florida, she had a glucose tolerance test that confirmed she was hypoglycemic also. She shares her mother’s passion for providing hypoglycemics with the knowledge and tools to ensure a less traumatic journey and a faster recovery.

Jaszcz began her career in the dental industry after attending Broward Community College on a nursing scholarship. She has more than 30 years in the dental industry, with 18 years of experience in dental insurance and 12 years prior to that as a dental office manager. She has worked at CIGNA Dental, Solstice Benefits, Inc. (SBI), Avesis, Inc., and most recently at Delta Dental where she was an Operations Director for their DHMO Contact center and Claims division.

She is currently doing consulting and resides in Alpharetta, Georgia with her husband Terry.

Dale Ledbetter – Treasurer

Dale Ledbetter – Treasurer

Dale Ledbetter is currently President and CEO of Ledbetter Enterprises, which manages speaking engagements, consulting services, as well as the publishing and sale of books and audio programs. The books and programs are designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, salespeople, and anyone charged with marketing and customer service.

Ledbetter serves as Treasurer of The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation. He has been one of its most ardent supporters for many years. The HSF was instrumental in helping him achieve a return to good health after years of undiagnosed hypoglycemia. He has expressed his appreciation by devoting his time, energy, and financial support to the HSF for the past 20 plus years.

Currently, much of Ledbetter’s time is also devoted to representing 1st Global Capital, a merchant cash advance firm.

He is a graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and received his law degree from George Washington University Law Center. He is a member of the Bar in Florida, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia. Ledbetter served as a staff member to three U.S. Senators and a Vice-President. He was also appointed as a delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business and served as counsel for the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Ledbetter belongs to the National Speakers Association and is a frequent speaker on investment related topics. He has entertained audiences as an accomplished magician and is a longstanding member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

He is the author of How Wall Street Rips You Off- and what you can do to defend yourself. His other publications include, The Ultimate Sales Professional, Success Yearbook, Bringing In The Busines, and From Mother with Love, which is soon to be made into a major motion picture, titled “Getwell Road.” He has authored numerous articles regarding securities matters including, “Understanding The Subprime Debacle,” “The Great CMO Heist,” and “Representing Public Pension Funds: An Emerging Field.“ He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University.