Lisa Lee Arneaud Community Outreach Director/TV Host/Reporter/Journalist
Marcus Arneaud EVP, Chief Compliance Officer, Investacorp, Inc.
Connie Bennett Connie Bennett, The Cravings Ninja™
Former Sugar-Addicted Journalist
and Author, Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock
Chantal BonneauCanadian Ambassador for Institute for Responsible Nutrition
• Université de Montréal Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada
Andrea BloomFounder & CEO ConnectWell • Harvard Business School San Francisco Bay Area
Barire BrettAuthor, Moments of Being...finding your one moment in time
Gwen Cooper Hosparus, Sr. VP Marketing & Business Development / Chief Marketing Officer
Wendy CottiersBoard Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Owner Positive Nutrition of S. Florida
Toni Crabtree Announcer/Writer/Production Channel 2
Jan Fortgang President at North America Duty Free, Inc.
Annie Hart Office Administrator/Legal Assistant - Keller & Bolz, LLP
Candace Hoffmann Communications Strategist, Writer, Editor and Author
Anthony Palermo, CPA Ahearn, Jasco + Company, P.A
Mark Panciera President of Market Development for The Pacific Institute
Melodee Putt Writer, Editor for HSF
Anthony Ruggiero, Jr. Vice President of Facilities & Physical Security at C-3
Christina Ruggiero Global Client Director for Dell EMC Professional Services
Alexa Rosario President and Founder of Millennial Empire Builders
Ken Nochimson President at Advise & Consent, LLC. Executive Producer,
Sweet Revenge: Turning the Tables on Processed Foods.
Patty James M.S., C.N.C. NutriCern/EatRx San Francisco Bay Area
Luci Gabel Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Founder at LuciFit , Lucifit LLC,
Education and Coaching • The Johns Hopkins University. San Francisco Bay Area
Joseph York Director of the Maximum Wellness Centers, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Corey HarrisCorey Harris is an attorney who helps private investment fund clients form their investment vehicles. He also assists clients in M&A transactions, with a focus on Asia. San Francisco Bay Area